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Highly Configurable Wall Mount Keypad, Almond

Series: HZ-KPCN

Model: HZ-KPCN-A

Part #: 6509583

  • Bespoke designer aesthetics
  • Precision fit and finish
  • Exceptional button feel
  • Generously sized buttons
  • Custom backlit laser-etched engraving
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A highly configurable wall mount keypad with bespoke designer aesthetics, exceptional button feel, customizable faceplate trim, and multicolor RGB LED backlighting.

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Superbly styled Horizon™ keypads (HZ-KPCN series) afford incomparable flexibility for residential systems integrators, architects, and interior designers to incorporate control of lighting, shading, audio, and other amenities throughout a custom home. Appealing to the eye and inviting to the touch, Horizon keypads deliver a premier control solution with bespoke design elements befitting the most elegant or contemporary home interior.

Customizable Faceplates

Crestron® Horizon keypads feature a distinctively clean aesthetic appearance that can be customized to blend in or stand out in any décor. Each keypad ships complete with a single gang faceplate, which features color-matched top and bottom trim pieces in a choice of smooth or textured finish (both are included). The smooth trim provides a subtle contrast to the textured button faces and side panels for an elegant two-tone look, while the textured trim matches the buttons and sides perfectly for a cohesive overall finish. The trim pieces may be swapped easily after installation without tools.

For a more bespoke appearance, the trim pieces may be replaced with custom trim fabricated from any solid material, such as wood, metal, marble, engineered stone, or Corian®, to either match the wall surface or complement other design elements in the room. Contact your Crestron representative, or refer to Crestron True Blue Support Online Help Answer ID: 1000140, to obtain specifications and CADs for the fabrication of custom trim.

  • Bespoke designer aesthetics
  • Precision fit and finish
  • Exceptional button feel
  • Generously sized buttons
  • Custom backlit laser-etched engraving
  • Multicolor RGB LED backlighting
  • Auto-dimming day/night backlight modes
  • Button feedback via backlight brightness or color change
  • Highly configurable button layout
  • Choice of standard pushbuttons and/or rocker buttons
  • Rocker buttons available in three sizes
  • Single-gang U.S. wall box installation
  • Gangable up to four across
  • Contiguous button surface when multi-ganged
  • Distinctively customizable faceplate trim options
  • Compatible with Crestron® Horizon™ faceplates only (HZ-FP-G series)
  • Single-gang faceplate included, multi-gang faceplates sold separately
  • Fully programmable via a Crestron® control system
  • Cresnet® control system interface
  • Dual Cresnet ports for easy daisy-chaining
  • Two control input ports for external sensors
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