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Crestron Electronics, Inc. - DM-NAX-4ZSA-50
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DM NAX 4+1 Zone Streaming Amplifier

Model: DM-NAX-4ZSA-50

Part #: 6512320

  • Audio-over-IP (AoIP) amplifier
  • Built-in streaming services support
  • Full DSP capabilities
  • Gallium Nitride (GaN) Class D amplification
  • 50 W of output power
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The Crestron DM-NAX-4ZSA-50 is a next generation Audio-over-IP (AoIP) amplifier that puts Crestron multiroom audio distribution on the network. It provides four amplified stereo speaker outputs and one analog line-level stereo output for a total of five zones. A dedicated streaming service player for each zone enables complete freedom to stream different content in every zone.

DM NAX™ is built on AES67 standards with additional ease of configuration via a web interface, Crestron Home® OS, SIMPL Windows, C#, and/or a RESTful API. It is compatible with DM NVX® through the AES67 secondary audio stream. DM NAX is also compatible with third-party AES67 solutions and Dante® via the compatibility mode enabled through Dante Controller. Full DSP capabilities are available on the line and speaker outputs.


The DM-NAX-4ZSA-50 sends and receives DM NAX and AES67 encoded audio over a standard IP network. A single DM NAX system can handle audio distribution between 32 DM NAX devices and supports up to 256 audio output zones. DM NAX devices can seamlessly pull and distribute the audio from DM NVX sources.

Streaming and Casting Services

A dedicated streaming service player is built-in for each zone, supporting AirPlay® 2, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect™, Pandora®, SiriusXM®, TIDAL™, Deezer®, Qobuz®, Podcasts and more. The DM-NAX-4ZSA-50 delivers streaming, routing, distribution, and amplification in a single device. Streams can be routed to other non-streaming AoIP devices.


A library of chimes is built into the unit. Chimes can be assigned to different zones to help identify them. Whenever a chime is triggered, the zone audio will duck or pause, so the chime can be clearly heard over active media until the chime concludes.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

DSP capabilities such as bass and treble boost and cut, loudness, adjustable delay, speaker protection and limiting, tone profiles, a full 10-band EQ per output, and an option to have line output as a fixed or variable level with or without DSP applied are available. Speaker profiles for first and third party speaker models are built in to simplify output DSP tuning.

  • Audio-over-IP (AoIP) amplifier
  • Built-in streaming services support
  • Full DSP capabilities
  • Gallium Nitride (GaN) Class D amplification
  • 50 W of output power
  • Provides four amplified output zones and one additional line-level output zone
  • 1 RU high, half-rack width modular form factor
  • Voice control support for Crestron Home® OS
  • Interoperable with Dante® audio networking devices via AES67 compatibility
  • Built-in chime support
  • Streamlined configuration through a web interface
  • Seamless Crestron system integration with Crestron Home® OS and SIMPL Windows programming
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