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In-Wall Lighting Keypad, International


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The CLWI-KPL is the companion keypad for CLWI dimmers and switches, sharing the exact same aesthetics. It provides lighting and audio control from more than one location around the home or office. Recall scenes, dim up and down, and adjust volume using the customizable button layout. Available in three models—230VAC powered wireless infiNET EX, battery powered wireless infiNET EX, and wired Cresnet—the CLWI-KPL is suited for installation in any space.

Field-Replaceable and Engravable Buttons
The CLWI series features engravable buttons that can be swapped out in the field. Change of room décor or functionality is easy to handle long after the keypad has been installed. Positive snap-on fittings require no tools; configure the keypad with a large rocker, or any combination of up to two adjacent half-size rockers or triple button pad. Each CLWI ships with a full assortment of blank buttons as well.

Multi-Function Keypad
The CLWI-KPL is connected to the Crestron control system enabling it to perform any function that is desired. While it provides multi-way lighting control, it can also be configured to adjust audio volume and shades—and even call global presets like "goodnight."

infiNET EX® Communications (CLWI-KPLEX, CLWI-KPLEX-BATT)
Built on steadfast infiNET™ technology, infiNET EX is the new standard in 2-way wireless connectivity. So robust, infiNET EX can handle installations in even the most urban settings or ancient concrete walls. The redundant nature of its mesh networking technology means that a command will never be missed, resulting in faultless operation—something that is of the utmost importance when it comes to lighting control and home automation. The CLWI series harnesses this cutting edge wireless connectivity which affords it a level of robustness and dependability above other solutions.

Cresnet® Communication (CLWI-KPLCN)
Cresnet is a topology-free 4-wire data and power bus, designed to link devices in a Crestron system. The CLWI-KPLCN model provides dual Versiports for connecting photocells, occupancy sensors, or other similar devices.
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